Sandy Cricket Club is self-funded. This means we are always looking to ourselves and others to help raise money to buy equipment and assist in supporting the club, so we can provide and offer low cost cricket to the community. We are always looking for local sponsors, help from businesses and the community in order to be in a position to offer you and your children the opportunity to take part in the brilliant game of Cricket.

If you or your business are looking to sponsor a local community group, please get in touch. Click here for our contact details or to use website form for your enquiry.

Cricket has some unique aspects which can be enjoyed by all, and is one of the most popular sports worldwide. It aids fitness and health and is such a great sport that generally encompasses all ability. It is a fun sport, educational and has a rich social experience, working to encourage a sense of co-operation, teamwork and community.

Thank you to our current sponsors:

Home – Ivory Lounge

Ivory Lounge prepares elegant and delicious dishes. Make sure to enjoy them and give yourself the chance to make your day better.

Home – Paul’s Posts & Patios

A local company for all your fencing and landscaping needs.

Home – Absolute Asbestos Surveys

Absolute Asbestos Surveys Ltd is an independent company providing services to both domestic and commercial properties throughout the whole UK. All surveys are fully compliant with HSG264 and we offer a range of surveys.