Match Reports

Lee Eplett

17 November at 17:17

Sandy faced Wilden today in the 3rd indoor game of the season (and no, I didn’t do match reports so you didn’t miss anything, in a nutshell, we lost in the first game in the penultimate over and comfortably won the second one but i have been nagged to start reporting again). It was a very different looking Wilden side from previous games with the return of two ex Sandy players in the form of Ryan and Darren Bambury and having won the toss Wilden decided to bowl first. A decision they may have regretted fairly quickly as their opening bowlers fell foul of both the short ball and wide ball rules. This combined with some rapid running, meant Sandy had well over 30 runs on the board by the end of the second over. Wilden’s tribulations continued with the first 3 batsmen all retiring but it was ok, Captain Kev came in to redress the balance. Looking to work it into the corner Kev ‘thanks for coming’ got it finer than intended. Normally this would have resulted in the ball bouncing back safely into space but not today, oh no, today it ricocheted off the cross bar of the goal post hanging on the wall behind the keeper and popped up to allow the catch to be pouched. This brought Lee ‘scratch around’ Eplett to the crease who couldn’f find the gaps so, given the three retired batsmen in the hutch went all in or bust. Turns out it was bust! however, this brought Paul ‘the returning thumper’ Stevenson to the crease. With James ‘Bowls straight’ Kier falling shortly after Dave ‘fell 2 runs short of his 50’ Carr also returned. While some of Dave’s 6’s were classy caresses Paul’s were more brute strength. With Dave falling Chez ‘call me Dilshan’ returned. Paul then fell to another ricochet off the same crossbar as Kev. With 4 balls of the final over remaining Paul could only look on as Chez attempted a Dil scoop. The use of the word attempted should give an indication of the relative success of this effort… Nonetheless, Sandy had scored around 170 odd (can’t remember exactly what, but then i am getting old). Apparently Kev ‘the skipper’ felt the need to ‘add value’ so switched up the bowling order, opening with Eplett and Kier. With no wides being bowled and good lengths hit Wilden were quickly behind the rate. With Eplett getting Ryan caught and bowled it was honours even as Ryan had got Eplett out in a previous indoor game. Eplett then caught Darren off of James ‘the only one who could be trusted with the last over’ Kier meaning it only left Steve Bambury for Eplett to get the full set. Chez came on to bowl and had the ball swinging like a good’un. Unfortunately this swing was down the leg side. No problem, just turn the ball round and it will swing the other way as that is how it works in cricket. isnt in? well, no, not today, instead the ball swung even more only in the same, legside, direction! despite a few wides being bowled by both Paul and Chez these were far exceeded by the good balls and with Paul executing a run out and Eplett taking another catch Wilden were always well behind the rate. With Steve Bambury batting Eplett nearly snaffled the full set but with the running catch attempt couldnt quite hang on to it. So, Wilden finished 4 wickets down but over 60 runs short which should give an indication of how well the Sandy unit bowled overall. Oh, and Kev probably stopped a couple of balls from hitting the wall thereby justifying his place 🙂 love ya Skip!