This is a fantastic way to support your local cricket club and has been a long standing fundraiser for our club.

If you wish to purchase a ticket please contact us by clicking here.

A ticket costs £10, and this will enter you into the draw every month, that runs from March through to December. Prizes range from £25 through to a Christmas Special of £300…. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase.

  1. The Competition shall be known as The Sandy Cricket Club 500 Club.
  2. Each member shall pay a subscription of £10, which covers a 10 month period commencing Sunday 13th March 2022.
  3. There shall be 9 monthly draws with prizes of £100, £50 and 2 prizes of £25.
  4. The above draws will take place on the 14th of every month between March and November.
  5. The promoter shall organise a draw on Sunday 11th December 2022, with prizes of £300, £150, £100, £75, £50 and £25.
  6. If at any time the membership falls below 400, the Committee reserves the right to adjust the prize amounts in proportion to the fall in membership.
  7. All profits made after expenses shall be paid into Sandy Cricket Club funds.
  8. The promoter’s decision is final.